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Myanmar Underwater Federation is organising clean up dives at The Nursery to clean up the ghost net that is covering the site.


The dive site is exciting because this was the only dive site we were aware of in Mergui Archipelago where we regularly see bamboo sharks.

But in April last year, the site was found with a huge ghost net, that had possibly been carried over in the current and was now covering almost all of the dive site.

We counted in total 12 dead bamboo sharks, amongst other creatures dead or dying trapped in the net.

Photo link (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1837570149815767.1073741834.1527906147448837&type=1&l=eedc7c76e4 )

Video link (https://goo.gl/photos/yzAjVXMhWv1kHvYx6)

Needless to say everyone on the boat was very upset to witness it. We did what we could to remove parts of the net but left the rest.

I visited the site again in December 2016 and realised the net was still there eight months later. It dawned on me then that the net wasn’t going to disapper nor deteriorate any time soon.

It will probably be there for years, all the while trapping and killing more marine life and damaging coral.

***** Our Plan *****

  • To clean up the dive site over two dives depending on conditions and the state of the net and the number of volunteers.
  • There will be two dive masters and three dive instructors on the day.
  • Get all of the net out of the dive site, keep our fingers crossed and hope the bamboo shark population bounces back.
  • If the conditions are great, and we have enough volunteers/sponsors, we may clean up the nets at Rocky or High Rock as well. (yes there are nets at more than one site)
  • Raise awareness with local fishermen and business about the destruction ghost nets cause.

*****If you are interested in taking part in this clean up*****
As a diver : You have to be certified with enough experience to dive fairly unsupervised and with good bouyancy (preferably minimum 30 recent dives)

As a business : Mergui Dive Adventure based in Kawthaung will be donating the use of their boat for the day along with tanks and some dive gear but please get in touch with us if you could contribute either more dive gear, maybe gloves and dive knives/scissors, or fuel for the boat as this would allow us to go to a second site.