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Black Rock

Black Rock

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  • Date Posted: Aug 31, 2017
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  • Address: Mergui Archipelago

Black Rock

Depth : 10 -50 m

Visibility : Excellent (20 – 50 m)

Currents : Strong

Marine Life that can be seen : manta rays, mobula rays, Gray reef and other speices of sharks, whale sharks, black-spotted pufferfish, spotted hawkfish, scorpionfish, and blue-ringed angelfish, moray eel fan, Octopus and cuttlefish

Black Rock is said to be the best dive in the Mergui Archipelago. The island is like a magnet for marine life. Some of the best dive scenery is at the southwest corner of the island where an incredibly dense mosaic of small soft corals, orange cup coral and feather stars covers the large rocks.

source : A-one Diving 

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