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Western Rocky

Western Rocky

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  • Date Posted: Aug 30, 2017
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  • Address: Mergui Archipelago

Western rocky

Depth : 10 – 40 m

Visibility :  Good (10 – 30 m)

Currents : can be strong

Marine Life that can be seen : Mantas, Gray reef, spine sharks, eagle rays, leopard sharks ,spotted rays, spiny lobster, cowries shells, feather stars, anemones, crabs, blue-ringed angel fish,moray-eels, snappers, frogfish, and ghost pipefish

Western Rocky is a small island sporting a passage which is able to dive through which is lit by daylight all the way through. The tunnel is a prime example of how marine life prospers when out of the reach of fishermen. Everything inside the cave is big, most notably gigantic lobster and very fat nurse sharks.

source : A-one Diving 

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