Dive Activity Packages of 6 Days- 5 Nights Stay For High Season  ( 01 Nov 2020 to 31 Mar 2021)

Packages 1 : Diving Package for Certified Divers

(8 morning dives over 4 days,Sunset Kayak & 2 messages for each guests)

The Mergui Archipelago  lies off the far south coast of Myanmar, is part of the Tanintharyi Region. It’s comprised of hundreds of  Islands that have coral reefs and beaches It  is  one of the unparalleled  natural  beauty  in the world.For certified divers, they offer at least  5 night-stay to discover their most famous dive sites such as Shark Cave, Red Rock, Rocky Isle and North Twin. Their schedule trips are-

– in the morning (8:00a.m to 12:30p.m)for two dives,

– in the afternoon (14:15p.m to 16:30p.m) for one dive, and-night dives are depended on a demand basis.

All dives are conducted by their dive guides (ratio 1:4) and as drift dives.

Category Double or Twin Single
Beachfront Sea View(12 DBL & 2 TWN) $ 5,874 $3,762
Seaview (Row2) (8DBL & 2 TWN) $5,324 $3,487



Day 1             : Arrival & Welcome at AweiPila Resort

(Transfer from Kawthaung, check-in, meet the dive team to arrange for your dive activities,dinner and drinks)

Day 2              : Two morning Dives & Sunset Kayaking Trip

(Breakfast, two morning dives in Rocky Isle & Pinnacle, Sunset Kayak trip, lunch, dinner &   drinks)

Dive site choices are weather dependent

Day 3             : Two morning Dives & One hour Massage

(Breakfast, two morning dives in Red Rock & One hour massage, lunch, dinner& drinks)

Dive site choices are weather dependent

Day 4             : Two morning Dives& Trekking to Fishing Village

(Breakfast, two morning dives in North Twin East & North, afternoon trekking and fishing village excursion, lunch, dinner & drinks)

Dive site choices are weather dependent

Day 5             : Two morning Dives & One hour Massage

(Breakfast, two morning dives in Lix Rock & Broccoli Island, one hour massage at their Spa,   lunch, dinner & drinks)

Dive site choices are weather dependent

Day 6             : Departure from at Awei Pila Resort

(Breakfast, Check-out, transfer to Kawthaung after taking pictures, leaving bubbles and keeping beautiful memories)

Mergui Archipelago

  1. Three Islets
  2. Rocky Island
  3. Long Bay Island
  4. Paradise Cove
  5. Nga Mann Island
  6. Mangrove Beach
  7. Ba Wei Isle
  8. Dragon Islet
  9. Hlaing Gu Isle
  10. Long Beach
  11. Kyunn Ni
  12. Bo Ywe Island
  13. Clara Island West
  14. Pollock Reef
  15. White Rocks
  16. Rocky Point
  17. Hidden Beach

Package 2: Diving Package for Non-Certified Divers

(4 morning dives over 2 days & 2 messages for each guests)

You are not certified as a diver, you can easily join this course to learn how to dive at this unique destination with calm waters and perfect temperatures. Their  5 Stars PADI Dive Center offers at all levels of courses. Before you arrive, they will plan your  schedule with  the knowledge  development  part for diving. Around the  beach on  a sandy patch, there has  anemones, clown  fishes  and  other  friendly  creatures  that  connected the  confined  water  sessions. They offer at least 5 night-stay to learn diving, other  massages  and  beach  sunsets.


Double or Twin


Beachfront Sea View (12 DBL & 2 TWIN)



Seaview (Row2) (8 DBL & 2 TWIN)




DAY 1      : Arrival & Welcome at AweiPila Resort.

                  (Transfer from Kawthaung, check-in, meet the dive team to arrange for your dive activities,                         dinner and drinks)

DAY 2      : Course Registration & Knowledge and Confined Water Sessions 1-2-3

                   (Breakfast, Course Registration, Knowledge Development & Confined Water Sessions 1-2-3,                        lunch, dinner & drinks)

Day 3      : Knowledge Development and Confined Water Sessions 4-5 & One hour Masssage

                   (Breakfast, Knowledge Development and Confined Water Sessions 4-5, one hour massage at                                      their Spa, lunch, dinner & drinks)

Day 4        : Two morning Dives & Trekking to Fishing Village

                    (Breakfast, two morning dives in Long Bay Isle & Rocky Isle, afternoon trekking to and fishing                      village excursion, lunch, dinner & drinks)

                    Dive site choices are weather dependent

Day 5        : Two morning Dives & One hour Massage

                   (Breakfast, two morning dives in Red Rock & Shark Cave, one hour massage at their Spa,                                lunch, dinner & drinks)

                     Dive site choices are weather dependent

Day 6         : Departure from  at Awei Pila Resort

                     (Breakfast, Check-out, transfer to Kawthaung after taking pictures, leaving bubbles and                                keeping beautiful memories)


Package 3 : Diving Package for Non-Certified Divers

(One Discover Scuba Dive, Sunset Trekking & 2 massages for each guests)

Welcome to  Mergui  Archipelago  and  you  see  the  beautiful  places  of Island.We  offer  at  least  5 night-stay  to  discover  the  land  and  sea  of  Mergui  Archipelago. And  you  enjoy  private  Island  activities such as trekking,snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking  and relax at their Spa.




Double or Twin


Beachfront Sea View (12 DBL & 2 TWN)



Seaview (Row2) (8 DBL & 2 TWN)





Day1       : Arrival & Welcome at Awei Pila Resort.

(Transfer from Kawthaung, check-in, meet the dive team to arrange for your dive activities,         dinner and drinks)

Day 2       : Snorkeling & Trekking to and Fishing Village

(Late Breakfast, snorkeling at Awei Pila Bay, afternoon trekking to fishing village, lunch,   dinner & drinks)

Day 3       : Kayaking, Snorkeling, Discover Scuba Dive & Sunset Trekking

(Breakfast, kayaking and Snorkeling Excursion to the Mangrove, Discover Scuba Dive in   Swimming Pool & Sunset  Trekking with Bubbling Moment, lunch, dinner & drinks)

Day 4       : Discover Scuba Dive & One Boat Dive

(Breakfast, Discover Scuba Dive off the Beach, afternoon one boat dive at Rocky Isle, lunch,   dinner & drinks)

Day 5       : Yoga & Meditation, Kayaking and One hour Massage

                   (Breakfast, Yoga & Meditation wake up + Kayaking at Awei Pila Bay, one hour treatment or

                    Massage at their Spa, lunch, dinner & drinks)

Day 6       : Departure from at Awei Pila Resort

( Breakfast, Check-out, transfer to Kawthaung after taking pictures, leaving bubbles and keeping beautiful memories)


Dive  Sites Description

This dive site  is  only 15 minutes far away from their resort and the different dive sites are the Pinnacle, Shark Cave, Broccoli Isle, Rocky  Island, North Twin Plateau, North Twin  Corner, Red  rock, and  Long Bay  Island.

1 – The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is the smallest of the three Islets and it is known by the huge

schools of fish circling this piece of rock that comes from the sandy bottom at 30

meters and goes all the way above the surface. The dive here goes as a drift dive to be able to enjoy more the schools and getaway from the currents which are normally present, be careful and stay close to thereef if currents are present.Schools of Blue stripe snapper as well as barracudas are constantly hanging  near the surface, watch as well for magnificent soft corals as well healthy hard coralshome of angry Domino damselfish. Keep an eye open Lion Fish and Scorpion fish near the reef crevices, honeycombgroupers are constantly seen and if you like macrophotography make sure to searchfor nudibranchs like the Blue Dragon and the Varicose Slug among others.


2 – Shark Cave

This site is one of the most famous in the region, the biggest Islands of the Three Islets or “Square  Island”  for some is home  of this 20 meters swim  through  named  Shark Cave,  Cave, originally home of nurse sharks today home of a giant green moray and lobsters. Even with the sharks not so present nowadays the site is spectacular, right at the begging look up for schools of barracudas cruising near the surface,on the wall  don’t  miss  the  soft  corals from  different  colors, shapes and sizes, don’t need to  go  very deep  here.  The entrance of the cave is only two minutes away and at 17 meters deep.Theentrance is a square shape hole in the wall, schools of Arrow fish will welcome you at the entrance, pay attention on the swell,might be strong if currents are present, once inside (torch recommended) look left, right and up,  the walls are covered by Orange Cup Coral and sponges. At  the exit on the other side, look for nudibranchs  such as the Blue Dragon, the Chromodorisand Flabelina,  and when you start to go for your safety stop keep an eyeon a small crevice on the reef at around 12 meters where a big Stingray is normallytaking a nap inside.


3 -Broccoli Isle

This is the middle size Island of the Three Islets and the one further North, this insignificant chalk white rock drops vertically down to about 15 meters before jumbled rocks spread out wider, reaching the sandy bottom at 26 meters,the south. Broad club cuttlefish are constantly seen in couple along the reef. Green Turtlesare often passing by, keep an eye for Fimbriated moray eel, with its typical yellowish head, schools of Blue stripe snappers are always around, eventual Oriental sweetlips and Thumbprint emperor are often seen on top of these boulders. Peacock groupers as well as Honeycomb groupers are always seen, along the Red Lionfish, Broad barredfire fish and sometimes a Scorpion fish. Currents can be fierce here with strong up anddown currents.

4- Rocky Island

This dive site is the second most famous in our vicinity and only 30 minutes from

the resort, a rocky pinnacle with a rocky bottom going from the surface to 27 meters,

being the North side deeper than the South side of the island. Orange Fan Corals and

diverse tube sponges are along the way at 15 meters, black coral and big magnificent

anemones with different species of Clown Fish are spread along the reef framing

schools of Bluestripe snapper and Brassy Trevallies hunting on small fishes near the

surface, mixed with Batfishes. Green turtles are commonly seen on the North more exposed side as wellschools of barracudas on the East side of the island,  Cuttlefishes in pairs are seen

along reef crevices and their cousins the Big Blue Octopus normally swim around

searching for shells.Occasionally a blue-spotted ray is seen near the sandy bottom, Peacock

groupers, Bicolor parrotfish, Puffer fish and Angel fishes complete the scene on this

dive site that can be affected by some strong currents on both East and West ends.

5- North Twin Plateau

North Twin Island stands West of Pula and in line of South Twin and Burma Banks

An underwater mountain chain that goes parallel to the Myanmar’s coastline.The 

Island is big and offers many diving possibilities but most if the best diving is on the North

Side facing the currents.The main attraction here is a submerged reef that starts at 14 meters and goesdown to 40+ meters, here big boulders attract a lot of fish life such as big pelagic fishes(manta, whale shark and black tips), big schools swarm the top of the reef and Tunaand Jacks are often seeing hunting on small fishes, near the bottom big moray eels,scorpion fish and soft corals make this dive very colorful and fun.


6- North Twin Corner

The NW corner of the island it is marked by big rock boulder out and inside the

Water,  the dive goes in circles depending on the current and swell a bit away from the

main island reef,here sandy bottom at 28 meters together with the good visibility

makes the perfect spot to look for Eagle Rays cruising along the reef. Along the dive big boulders with some swim throughs are scattered around up groupers, different anemones and their clown fish and even a ghost pipe fish hiddeninside the sea fans. Big schools and big pelagic animals can show up,keep an eye up.

7- Red Rock

The name comes from the color this island becomes during the sunset, underwater a sandy bottom in one side (south)with big schools of barracudas, jackssharing the space with sepias, stingrays, lobsters and a multitude of coral reef critters as lion fish, stone fish and clown fishes. On the North side and NW corner big rocks give shelter for lobsters and moreschools of fish that will make you unable to see the other side of the reef.  An excellent choice from beginners to advanced divers.

8- Long Bay Island

The island on the west side of Long Bay is the perfect spot for a nice and easy

dive full of color and a macrophotography delight, the dive starts on the Northern tip

of the, the reef goes on a gentle slope from surface down to a sandy bottom at around

18 meters, here soft corals (Carnation Tree Corals) in blue, purple and yellow are

covering the rocks, under the slopes Orange Cup corals stay open even during the day.As you reach the tip of the island looks for Painted Spiny Lobsters, Fimbriated  Moray eels and schools of snappers, as you turn the tip a rocky sandy slope up to 27 meters with rocky/coral heads are full of life and along the sand looks for the unique Peacock Mantis Shrimp and the Ghost Pipe Fish, cuttlefish in pairs or hanging on the sand are a constant presence, Honeycomb groupers, Red Lionfish, and the Broad Barred Fire fish are usually seen along the bottom.